God is Glorious

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We often forget how immense and powerful God actually is.  In the same way that the size and power of the sun can make us feel small and insignificant, God’s awesome power and glory can and should inspire the fear of God in each of us.  Thankfully, because of God’s Grace toward us, we can move from a state of terror to a state of awe and worship at the Greatness and Glory of our God.  In today’s sermon Pastor Brad Reid from the Zion Baptist Church blesses TPA with a message about the Glory of God and how because God is glorious we don’t have to be afraid of others.  Too often we get caught up in trying to please others or we are afraid that they might reject or “unfriend” us if we don’t act like they do.  As believers a proper understanding of God and his Glory will inspire a healthy fear of God in us (not terror but worship) which can help us overcome our “Fear of Man”.